Writing a documentary treatment sample

Writing a Strong Treatment Treatments are an invaluable tool at any step of the way in the filmmaking process. They are a succinct and descriptive way to get across the elements of your film to others. They are usually pages and contain only the essential information about your project. Sometimes a treatment can go up to 4 pages, and then would include a longer narrative story summary, and more character information.

Writing a documentary treatment sample

Writing treatments is not the most glamorous part of the filmmaking process. However, they demonstrate your grasp of the story and its production. As such, a quality treatment improves your fundraising efforts and streamlines the filmmaking process. In the simplest terms, a treatment is a detailed report that can inform potential investors or contributors about a project, including its budget, production timeline, and other processes.

Often, a treatment is a living document that you alter as necessary — for example, different grant programs or funding outlets require different information. The following are the key components of an effective treatment.

Log Line A log line is a two- to three-sentence summary of the film. Think of it like an elevator pitch. It needs to be short, powerful, and captivating. I can tell you from personal experience that you will recite this log line continuously during the production and distribution of your film, so make sure you love it.

Summary of Topic The summary is a longer and more detailed version of your log line. This is when you begin to really make a case for your film and its relevance. Something to keep in mind is that a treatment is creative.

Write in a captivating and entertaining manner. This is the first chance your reader has to see your narrative voice in action.

Narrative Synopsis Your narrative synopsis starts to break down the themes and story arcs of your film — in depth. This is also where the reader can see your directorial vision. After reading the synopsis, the reader should understand how the story will play out and how the characters will develop.

Key Characters Some grant applications ask for summaries of each of the key characters in the film. These summaries are simple, one-paragraph breakdowns of the key characters and how they contribute to the story.

Status of the Film Different grant programs will have different timelines in mind while they consider funding films.

3 Ways to Write a Script Treatment - wikiHow

Key Crew Members If you have a great team attached to the film, this is your opportunity to sell your crew members and their qualifications for the project.

Line Item Budget Image via Shutterstock. Check out a film production budget template for ideas about how to craft your own. In this section, you will detail how you plan to pursue additional funding to complete the project.

In this section of your treatment, you will explain how you plan to place the finished film with these platforms to reach the largest audience possible.

As you start the treatment submission process, you will find that each outlet has unique requirements. Be prepared to make changes or additions to your treatment. Take the time to craft a quality treatment beforehand, and this process will go much more smoothly.

Do you know any tips or tricks about the treatment writing process? Let us know in the comments.Sep 25,  · How to Write a Script Treatment In this Article: Article Summary Formatting Your Treatment Including Relevant Information Creating the Tone of the Treatment Community Q&A A treatment is a summary of a script, which is meant to explain the main points of the ashio-midori.com: K.

Writing Sample Tips for the Application Process.

writing a documentary treatment sample

A written "pitch" is a brief ( pages) prose document that should read like a short story and be written in the present tense. You’ve got an idea for a documentary, but you need funding.

Writing a treatment is an essential part of fundraising. Top image via Ad Week / Alex Weprin..

3 Ways to Write a Script Treatment - wikiHow

Writing treatments is not the most glamorous part of the filmmaking ashio-midori.comr, they demonstrate your grasp of the story and its production. As such, a quality treatment improves your fundraising efforts and streamlines the filmmaking.

Curious how to approach writing the script for your documentary.

writing a documentary treatment sample

NYFA breaks down the process to completing a successful documentary script. Home» Documentary Filmmaking» How To Write A Documentary Script. How To Write A Documentary Script. Posted on September 18, April 16, by New York Film Academy.

A sample documentary. Screenplay Treatments by Marilyn Horowitz Treatment writing is a skill that can help any screenwriter succeed, at any point in the creative process. writing samples.

Therefore, it makes sense to devote time to learning how to write treatments because. If a writer has completed a screenplay, writing a treatment can help the writer determine whether or not their screenplay is viable, because the treatment creates distance.

This allows the screenwriter to get an overview of their work and look at it objectively.

Sample Movie Treatment - Example Story Synopsis For A Film Script