The history of american cinema essay

Doing Film History September Nearly everybody loves movies. But there are some people who seek out old movies. This of course creates a moving target.

The history of american cinema essay

The camera was used as a mirror which would reflect exactly what it filmed and allow others to gaze upon the world in which they inhabited. Pioneers such as Mitchell and Kenyon or Thomas Edison captured ordinary people going about their lives. The inclusion of a story, plot and narrative meant that film could no longer exactly reflect real life.

It has a strong hold upon European, mostly Westernised cinema, and dominates the majority of film output. Though both are products of Hollywood, each film is incomparable to the other in terms of plot, character, genre and setting.

In Walt, the film explores and reveals the archetypal identity of the American male. In casting Eastwood as protagonist, it couples his traits with that of the American male. His cool, calm and somewhat slow speech is offset against the dangerous, fiery aspects of his character.

In Gran Torino his character differs very little. Therefore these character traits are transposed onto the average American male who identifies with him. For men, the car is the symbol of ultimate freedom.

It allows total solace and a way of escaping other people to enjoy moments of free-roaming individualism. For many Americans it is their rite of passage and access into manhood whilst also representing a paternal-like bond as fathers pass down or buy their sons their first cars.

Cinema of the United States - Wikipedia The Environment America, being at the forefront of film in our current society, has come a long way with regards to the industry of film. Rising fromwhen the world's first commercial motion picture exhibition was given in New York Ref library bookAmerica's film industry has become increasingly more advanced and entertaining to countries all over the world.

Throughout the film we witness his bond with it, as though it were a loved one. In one scene, after spending some time cleaning and waxing the Torino, Walt sits down on his veranda to enjoy the view of his most prized asset. A later scene highlights the importance of the car to a younger generation too.

The Ford car company plays an important part in American economic history and was the source of a job for many American men.

Finally, a reverse shot of Walt re-entering his house with his Torino centred on his driveway and an American flag drifting in the wind behind the car closes the scene, with the significance of the car to American identity and culture compounded. As well as the car, the film also reaffirms the notions of American male identity in other ways.

His dog remains at his side in most of the scenes in which we see Walt at home.

The history of american cinema essay

The female identity of the dog suggests that it helps Walt fill the lonely gap that the passing of his wife has created. This is reinforced in the way that the dog helps Walt. After punching through some glass and cupboard doors in his home, his dog tends to his wounded knuckles by licking them.

Instead, he seeks the company of his dog and takes her out to the front of the house with him, suggesting he prefers the company of his dog to that of his remaining family and his own now-adult children.

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The film informs us that the protagonist is a Korean War veteran who served with honour and in doing so received the Silver Star. He fought for his country and keeps a chest of war memorabilia in his basement, a symbol of his pride in serving.

He served in a War that was not on US soil, but was in a foreign country. The interventionist habits of America are played out through Walt as he, an American, intervenes to protect his Hmong immigrant neighbours from their cousin who heads a violent gang.

Toplin acknowledges the tendency for American cinema to portray American interventionism positively, particularly in times of conflict. Walt uses his rifle twice, only as a means of protecting himself and his home.

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The first instance is when he must scare off Thao, his Hmong neighbour who attempts to steal his Torino. The second time, he uses it to threaten the Hmong gang who are fighting on his lawn. This reflects the importance that many American men hold in their legal right to bare arms and to protect their property and family.

The film is also important in revealing the cultural melting pot that America is and the base of immigration that it has been founded upon. There are continual clashes between different races throughout the film, all of whom lay claim to their right to American citizenship. To American Walt, his Hmong neighbours seem like an alien culture with names that he cannot hope to pronounce.

Shortly after this is another scene which shows the cultural divide between African Americans and whites. Another aspect of American culture and identity the film explores is the idea of American elitism. It is the perceived idea that living in America and being American is an achievement.

It synonymises success and happiness with America, promoting American ways and culture.The American Thomas Alva Edison was a competitor of Lumiere’s, and his invention predated Lumiere’s. But Edison’s motion picture camera was bulky and not portable.

The “promoter” in Lumiere made the difference in this competition. Essay about Cinema of the Great Depression - Essay Review - Cinema of the Great Depression, WWII Era In Frederick J.

Turner's essay "The Significance of Frontier," he argues that the expansion of the American frontier happened only because American settlers or . Sound Cinema The development from silent to sound cinema marks a period of revolution in the history of cinema. The revolution 4can be easily dated from 6 October , with the New York premiere of Warner Bros.

American History X definitely has the x-factor ‘American History X’ from is an American drama film directed by Tony Kaye and starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong.

It premiered in USA in the autumn in and became a huge hit and won several awards including best movie of the year. The Film American History X Words | 5 Pages.

The film American History X begins with an average American middle-class family; four well-behaved children and two all-American parents living in Long Beach, California. The father is killed in a shooting, leaving his eldest son, Derek, the head of .

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