Negative effects of the olympic games

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Negative effects of the olympic games

Environmental concerns[ edit ] The IOC recognizes that the Olympic Games demand substantial environmental resources, activities, and construction projects that could be detrimental to a host city's environment. The Beijing Summer Olympics effort to host environmentally friendly games resulted in over projects meeting the goal of "green" games through improved air quality and water qualityimplementation of sustainable energy sources, improved waste management, and environmental education.

These projects included industrial plant relocation or closure, furnace replacement, introduction of new emission standards, and more strict traffic control.

Although these improvements were short lived, IOC's inclusion of environmental policies in evaluating and selecting host cities demonstrates a corporate responsibility that may be built upon in years to come.

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Detailed frameworks for environmental sustainability have been released for the Winter Olympicsand Summer Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan, respectively.

First, the IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission focuses on how the IOC can improve the strategies and policies associated with environmental health throughout the process of cities hosting the Olympic Games.

Thirdly, every host city is given the option to declare "pledges" to address specific or general environmental health concerns of hosting the Olympic Game. Fourthly, the IOC has every host city collaborate with the United Nations to work towards addressing environmental health objectives.

Venue construction effects on air[ edit ] Cities hosting the Olympic Games have two primary concerns: Black Carbon is released into the air from incomplete combustion of carbonaceous fluids contributing to global climate change and human health effects.

The black carbon concentrations are highly impacted by the truck traffic due to the traffic congestion during the massive construction.

Negative effects of the olympic games

Additionally, secondary pollutants like CONOxSO2benzenetolueneethylbenzeneand xylenes BTEX are also released during the venue construction, resulting in harmful effects to the environment. Environmental magnetism is sensitive to particle size, and has proven effective even at low detection levels.

For these reasons, it is becoming more widely used.

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Measures taken to improve air quality[ edit ] Various air quality measures are undertaken before and after the Olympic Games. Research studies demonstrate that the primary method to reduce concentrations of air pollutants is traffic control, including barring heavy vehicles from the roads.

For the Beijing Olympics, vehicles not meeting the Euro 1 emission standards were also banned from the roads, and the odd-even rule was implemented in the Beijing administrative area.

Negative effects of the olympic games

These were several air quality improvement measures implemented by the Beijing government. There, levels of primary and secondary pollutants were reduced, and good air quality was recorded during the Beijing Olympics on most of the days. Venue construction effects on soil[ edit ] Soil contamination can occur during the process of constructing the Olympic venues.

In the case of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, negative environmental impacts were observed, including impacts on soil. Before the Games, researchers studied four areas which the Games would likely affect: They performed an extensive analysis in the types of chemicals found in the soils in these areas both before and after the Games.

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Their findings revealed an increase in the number of metals in the topsoils post-Games, and indicated that soil was capable, as part of an ecosystem, of negating, or "buffering," the effects of many heavy metals.

However, their findings also revealed that this was not the case for all metals, and that mercury, lead, and arsenic may have been transferred into the food chain on a massive scale.Meanwhile in Doping News Following allegations by the German documentary of widespread doping the IOC kicked off a reanalysis of Beijing and London samples (for all sports)..

As expected there are lots of weightlifters who got caught. Here is how the retests for Beijing and London work. Pushing ahead with mega-events: the housing outcomes of mega-event hosting on low-income families in China Contemporary cities increasingly compete for hosting mega-events such as the Olympic Games.

While their economic benefits are often discussed, little attention is paid to the social impact of hosting mega-events on poor residents .

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Jun 06,  · Anthony Ervin knows all too well what it’s like to be stared at and alienated for something uncontrollable. Before he was a famous swimmer and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Ervin was just a. The modern Olympic Games or Olympics (French: Jeux olympiques) are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more .

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