Lower east side projects

Humboldt Parkway and the Kensington Expressway: A History By dan, on July 16th, Humboldt and Delevan, and Like most inner-city Public Works projects built during the middle of the 20th century, the construction of the Kensington Expressway completely changed the nature of the East Side of Buffalo, diverting automobile traffic away from the local shopping districts, bisecting historic streets and neighborhoods, and contributing unwanted pollution and noise to formerly quiet residential areas.

Lower east side projects

Youth Workforce Initiative Network of Staten Island In a labor market with limited job growth, inter-organizational collaboration — bringing together the resources and expertise of multiple agencies — represents the most promising strategy for moving disconnected young adults toward self-sufficiency.

JobsFirstNYC acts as a catalyst in the creation and ongoing viability of innovative collaboratives, providing technical assistance, neutral facilitation, and additional funding to implement novel service strategies that boost opportunities for young adults. This partnership between community based organizations and the City University of New York CUNY provides young adults in the South Bronx — ranked as the nation's poorest Congressional District in — with intensive tutoring and social support to improve their academic skills, overcome personal barriers, and enroll in and complete college.

Focused on offering employers services for young adults after they have begun working as additional challenges arise, CareerLift is a first of its kind in New York City and will test the feasibility of the model in a Lower east side projects market.

The services, which will be provided by partners Seedco and Madison Strategies Group, are based on the highly successful model, WorkLife Partnerships, wherein workforce providers offer a targeted suite of quality improvement services to employers on-site in order to improve job retention outcomes for employees.

Seedco will be expanding upon the success of their Youth Advancing in the Workplace program, a culinary-focused sector retention model, while Madison Strategies Group will work deeply with an existing employer partner to build out a new set of services.

In addition, partners Social Finance are working with our direct service providers to determine the feasibility for a pay-for-success funding structure going forward, and JobsFirstNYC will offer a set of learning communities in order to institutionalize the efforts and allow for cross-organizational learning.

A continuation of JobsFirstNYC's work to engage the business community as a part of the solution, CareerLift represents a wide variety of stakeholders coming together in order to advance the knowledge and capacity of the workforce field in New York City.

While the Lower East Side area has experienced significant regeneration in recent years, a significant proportion of its residents many of whom are recent immigrants or reside in public housing continue to live in poverty. To maximize the employment opportunities presented by the influx of new businesses, LESEN members have joined forces to lower the barriers to access to quality jobs in high-demand industries for Lower East Side residents.

Lower east side projects

LESEN works closely with the hospitality sector, which has a significant and growing presence in the area, to design customized training programs and streamline recruiting processes for hotels and related businesses. JobsFirstNYC provides funding to support a Network Coordinator, who acts as the key staff person bringing all partner organizations, employers and community stakeholders to the Network.

Focusing our attention on those communities, this initiative draws on the frameworks and lessons learned from existing JobsFirstNYC partnerships, including the Bronx Opportunity Network BON and the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project YASEPwhich emphasize a systems-level approach; engage employers from the initial stages of partnership development; and use data to inform their models.

These efforts also emphasize collaboration between community-based organizations and community college partners.

By providing convening opportunities and customized technical assistance, we are able to oversee transformations from competitive or unaligned groups of organizations that operate in silos to synchronized partnerships that better serve local young adults with a wider, more diverse range of resources.

Applications are to be submitted to Junior Manon at jmanon jobsfirstnyc. Read the full recap from Building Partnerships: In the Seasonal Talent Exchange STE model, young workers develop universal customer service and retail skills by working year-round in complimentary seasonal roles at more than one business.

Community-based organizations provide wrap-around supports to young workers and facilitate seamless transitions between seasons and across employers. The effort will focus on building transferrable skills and adaptive capacities for young adults while helping them secure employment throughout the year.

It will also provide partner businesses with well-trained, more experienced workers over time. In New York City, up to 40 percent of the general population describes itself as working part time—and 54 percent of young people ages 18 to 24 report working part-time.

Raised so far: $36,3400

Further, many growth industries involve seasonal or part-time jobs, particularly retail and food service. The STE represents an opportunity to redefine how employers engage and sustain part-time workers by enabling them to transition to year-round employment, which will improve their economic security and enable them to gain broader work experience.

The initiative will empower young workers to build leadership skills, experience, and develop networks across multiple employment sectors. Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project YASEP Started inthe Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project is a first-of-its-kind effort to test whether sector strategies, previously established through research to directly benefit adult job seekers, can be specifically applied to organizations serving young adults who are out of school and out of work and the employers that may hire them.

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This pilot and implementation project has involved the development of multiple sector-specific organizational collaborations — at least one CBO partner, one industry skills training entity, and one or more sector-specific employer or employer intermediary group — working together to create customized pathways to employment for young adults.

The first year involves planning, development, and the provision of intensive technical assistance for the proposed partnerships.

The last two years will focus on implementation of program services. Collectively, we hope to serve young people among the five established partnerships.

This project will feature a learning community in which practitioners, employers, funders, and others will be brought together to build organizational capacity to do this work.Discover the architecture and design projects.

projects are available on ArchiExpo. Lower East Side History Project (LESHP) is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to researching, documenting and preserving the history of the greater Lower East Side of New York City. We offer public and private WALKING TOURS seven days a week.

The Lower Beverley Lake Association Our Mission: • to foster preservation of the pristine character of the lake environment • to serve as a focal point for lake stewardship and improvement projects • to provide information concerning matters related to the lake community • to provide a forum for lake users to meet and to get know each other.

You need upgrade your browser to see the projects. You need upgrade your browser to see the globe. A shimmering addition to the New York City skyline, East 57th Street is a story luxury mixed-use tower in Midtown Manhattan. The building’s residential program is organized with rental units on the lower floors and condominiums on the 36th floor and above.

The Lower East Side, sometimes abbreviated as LES, is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of the New York City borough of Manhattan, roughly located between the Bowery and the East River, and Canal Street and Houston ashio-midori.com reference #: (original), (increase).

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