Dna based cryptography

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Dna based cryptography

Cryptography[ edit ] Integer factorizationwhich underpins the security of public key cryptographic systems, Dna based cryptography believed to be computationally infeasible with an ordinary computer for large integers if they are the product of few prime numbers e.


This ability would allow a quantum computer to break many of the cryptographic systems in use today, in the sense that there would be a polynomial time in the number of digits of the integer algorithm for solving the problem.

These are used to protect secure Web pages, encrypted email, and many other types of data. Breaking these would have significant ramifications for electronic privacy and security.

However, other cryptographic algorithms do not appear to be broken by those algorithms. Quantum cryptography could potentially fulfill some of the functions of public key cryptography.

Quantum-based cryptographic systems could therefore be more secure than traditional systems against quantum hacking [20].

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No mathematical proof has been found that shows that an equally fast classical algorithm cannot be discovered, although this is considered unlikely.

Several other examples of provable quantum speedups for query problems have subsequently been discovered, such as for finding collisions in two-to-one functions and evaluating NAND trees. In this instance, the database through which the algorithm is iterating is that of all possible answers.

An example and possible application of this is a password cracker that attempts to guess the password or secret key for an encrypted file or system. A system is placed in the ground state for a simple Hamiltonian, which is slowly evolved to a more complicated Hamiltonian whose ground state represents the solution to the problem in question.

The adiabatic theorem states that if the evolution is slow enough the system will stay in its ground state at all times through the process.

Solving Linear Equations[ edit ] The Quantum algorithm for linear systems of equations or "HHL Algorithm", named after its discoverers Harrow, Hassidim and Lloyd, is expected to provide speedup over classical counterparts [28].

Dna based cryptography

Quantum Supremacy[ edit ] John Preskill has introduced the term quantum supremacy to refer to the hypothetical speedup advantage that a quantum computer would have over a classical computer in a certain field.Natural computing, also Quantum cryptography is not based on the complexity of the computation, Genetic engineering techniques, based on recombinant DNA technology, are a precursor of today's synthetic biology which extends these techniques to entire systems of genes and gene products.

Despite the fact that non-viral nucleic acid delivery systems are generally considered to be less efficient than viral vectors, they have gained much interest in recent years due to their superior safety profile compared to their viral counterpart.

Among these synthetic vectors are cationic polymers, branched dendrimers, cationic liposomes and cellpenetrating . Il è anche l'anno in cui, attraverso ulteriori immagini da diffrazione a raggi X realizzate da Rosalind Franklin, chimica-fisica inglese, James Watson e Francis Crick presentarono, sulla rivista Nature, quello che è oggi accertato come il primo modello accurato della struttura del DNA, ovvero il modello a doppia elica.A disegnarne il .

Secured outsourcing towards a cloud computing environment based on DNA cryptography ABSTRACT: Distributed computing indicates an IT foundation where information and programming are put away and handled remotely in a server farm of a cloud supplier, which are open by means of an Internet benefit.

Recent research has considered DNA as a medium for ultra-scale computation and for ultra-compact information storage. One potential key application is DNA-based, molecular cryptography systems.

We present some procedures for DNA-based cryptography based on . A Pseudo DNA cryptography Method [9] Transcription, Splicing, Translation -mRNA form of data into protein according to genetic code table and key send to .

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