Dealing with the problem of mind altering substance abuse in the canadian society

What does the Bible teach about mind-altering drugs, intoxication, and addiction? Is drug use moral or immoral?

Dealing with the problem of mind altering substance abuse in the canadian society

Thinking About Getting Rehab?

Dealing with the problem of mind altering substance abuse in the canadian society

Drug Abuse and Health Problems As a group, people addicted to drugs frequently engage in unhealthy behaviors. This neglect of health can add up, increasing the risk for other illnesses. Clinicians refer to the host of issues that can arise or be worsened by an addiction as co-morbid medical conditions - and the list is quite extensive.

Problems associated with injection drug use: Thrombophlebitis, or inflammation of veins that, over time, can lead to scarring and cardiovascular collapse.

Part 2: Reasons Why God's People Should Not Abuse Drugs

Additionally, the risk of introducing infections to the body e. Injected bacteria can deposit in the heart and brain leading to conditions such as endocarditis and brain abscess.

Vasoconstriction and cardiovascular overstimulation.

Dealing with the problem of mind altering substance abuse in the canadian society

These conditions can result in dangerously elevated blood pressure, heart rhythm irregularities and decrease the supply of blood to vital organs. Excessive intake of these drugs can lead to dangerously slowed respiratory and cardiovascular rates and, eventually, death.

This list, while not exhaustive, only refers to drug use specifically. Frequently, alcohol abuse accompanies drug addiction, and this leads to a whole other range of health issues and can worsen many of the conditions listed above.

The immediacy and potentially serious nature of many of these health effects underscore how important it is to get help for yourself or someone close to you who is struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Legal Problems and Drug Abuse It would be impossible to list all of the legal repercussions associated with drug use and abuse.

However, like health problems, few things convey the severity of drug abuse problems like the possibility of jail time.

How Quickly Can a Person Become Addicted to a Drug?

At a fundamental level, many of the abused substances are illegal to purchase. Merely obtaining these drugs for yourself has you in conflict with the law at the outset. Furthermore, the impaired levels of consciousness and lowered decision-making abilities that many drugs cause puts people at serious risk for accidents, automobile related or otherwise.

Lastly, addicted people frequently value obtaining their drugs above all else. Because obtaining drugs is the highest priority to an addict, financial troubles are inevitable, and many people eventually resort to stealing and other criminal activity to obtain resources to purchase drugs.

Drug Abuse and the Bible: Intoxication, Addiction, Sobriety

Overcoming Drug Abuse Problems When drugs take over our lives, we lose control of who we are, how we behave, and what we feel. Many people who have drug abuse problems believe - through sheer force of determination or willpower - that they can overcome the problem themselves.

This is almost never the case.Communities with high levels of drug abuse usually also have increased levels of crime and violence, accompanied by higher levels of domestic and child abuse and neglect. The prevalence of “drugged” driving in which the driver of a vehicle has taken a mind-altering substance has risen significantly.

The chewing of coca leaves, for example, dates back over 8, years ago in Peruvian society. Medicinal use is one important facet of psychoactive drug usage. However, some have postulated that the urge to alter one's consciousness is as primary as the drive to satiate thirst, hunger or sexual desire.

Last Updated on Tue, 14 Aug | Mind Altering Drugs Tobacco is one of the most powerful stimulant plants known, and nicotine — its active principle — is one of the most toxic of all drugs. An average cigar contains enough nicotine to kill several people.

Social Problems of Drug Use and Drug Policies Joel Fort the use and abuse of mind-altering drugs has increased enormously in direct proportion with the imposition of severe criminal penalties on users. More potentially dangerous drugs SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF DRUG USE.

CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW. The mind-altering substances that people can abuse include: * Alcohol * Prescription drugs * Inhalants * Stimulants * Depressants * Hallucinogens. The Relationship between Substance Abuse and Addiction. Addiction refers to a physical as well as psychological dependence on a substance.

Not all substance abusers will be physically addicted. anti-drug abuse act pure food and drug act of - Forbade the manufacture or sale of mislabeled or adulterated food or drugs, it gave the government broad powers to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs in order to abolish the "patent" drug trade.

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