Daily physical activity essay

In today's society people are less concerned with the food they eat and their physical condition that their body is in, so many serious illnesses are becoming quite common. Thanks so much for the help!

Daily physical activity essay

The importance of physical exercise Each of us has a physical body made of muscles, blood, bones and various other living tissue.

When any of these are injured or not working properly then we get ill. Nobody likes to be ill. So it is important that we keep our body healthy. Exercising the body is one way of keeping it healthy.

Daily physical activity essay

If we do not exercise then our muscles become weaker and we are less able to do things properly. Also the bones can become weaker and thus break easily.

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There are many types of exercises that we may participate in. We may play badminton, football, netball or whatever games that we prefer. We may also jog, walk, swim or climb a mountain. Older folks prefer less strenuous exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga or a leisurely stroll in the park.

For the really fit young people, there are rock-climbing, gymnastics and other physically demanding activities. We exercise to keep the body healthy.

However there are some who overdo things and end up injuring themselves. It is fine to jog for a few kilometres. It is madness to jog until we are exhausted.

Also they are people who become addicted to their exercises. They become unhappy when they are unable to exercise or when they lose to someone in a competition.

Exercise and stress: Get moving to manage stress

No exercise may result in a weak body. Too much exercise may result in injury. Neither extremes are good. It is up to us to be sensible in exercising.Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health.

It can even help you live longer—research from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that regular exercise can add up to five years to your life.

Physical Activity in Low Income Families Essay Regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status, physical activity is important for physical, mental, and emotional health - Physical Activity in Low Income Families Essay introduction.

Secondly, overall daily exercise prevents diseases. It also increases your metabolism, kills fat, and gives you energy. Exercising reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, and other risky things of that nature.

The benefits of Physical Activity in Schools Most classrooms have at least one impulsive child and in my experience, some classes have more than one. These impulsive children are frequently in trouble and display sincere regret for their actions repeatedly.

Jun 27,  · This essay is for my english class. My professor said to write a persuasive essay and make her believe the same way as I do about the subject. Oct 17,  · Physical activity advice only or structured exercise training and association with HbA levels in Type 2 Diabetes.

Daily physical activity essay

JAMA (17): A connection between lifestyle factors in diabetes has been well established in research.

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