Biography of saint francis of assissi essay

Originally named Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, St.

Biography of saint francis of assissi essay

Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in InPietro Bernardone returned from a trip to France to find out his wife had given birth to a son.

Far from being excited or apologetic because he'd been gone, Pietro was furious because she'd had his new son baptized Giovanni after John the Baptist. The last thing Pietro wanted in his son was a man of God -- he wanted a man of business, a cloth merchant like he was, and he especially wanted a son who would reflect his infatuation with France.

So he renamed his son Francesco -- which is the equivalent of calling him Frenchman. Francis enjoyed a very rich easy life growing up because of his father's wealth and the permissiveness of the times.

From the beginning everyone -- and I mean everyone -- loved Francis. He was constantly happy, charming, and a born leader. If he was picky, people excused him. If he was ill, people took care of him.

If he was so much of a dreamer he did poorly in school, no one minded. In many ways he was too easy to like for his own good. No one tried to control him or teach him.

Early life and career

As he grew up, Francis became the leader of a crowd of young people who spent their nights in wild parties. Thomas of Celano, his biographer who knew him well, said, "In other respects an exquisite youth, he attracted to himself a whole retinue of young people addicted to evil and accustomed to vice.

Francis fulfilled every hope of Pietro's -- even falling in love with France. He loved the songs of France, the romance of France, and especially the free adventurous troubadours of France who wandered through Europe.

And despite his dreaming, Francis was also good at business. But Francis wanted more. Francis wanted to be a noble, a knight. Battle was the best place to win the glory and prestige he longed for.

Biography of saint francis of assissi essay

He got his first chance when Assisi declared war on their longtime enemy, the nearby town of Perugia. Most of the troops from Assisi were butchered in the fight. Only those wealthy enough to expect to be ransomed were taken prisoner.

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At last Francis was among the nobility like he always wanted to be All accounts say that he never lost his happy manner in that horrible place.

Finally, after a year in the dungeon, he was ransomed. Strangely, the experience didn't seem to change him. He gave himself to partying with as much joy and abandon as he had before the battle.

The experience didn't change what he wanted from life either: Finally a call for knights for the Fourth Crusade gave him a chance for his dream. But before he left Francis had to have a suit of armor and a horse -- no problem for the son of a wealthy father. And not just any suit of armor would do but one decorated with gold with a magnificent cloak.

Any relief we feel in hearing that Francis gave the cloak to a poor knight will be destroyed by the boasts that Francis left behind that he would return a prince. But Francis never got farther than one day's ride from Assisi.

There he had a dream in which God told him he had it all wrong and told him to return home. And return home he did.

What must it have been like to return without ever making it to battle -- the boy who wanted nothing more than to be liked was humiliated, laughed at, called a coward by the village and raged at by his father for the money wasted on armor.

Francis' conversion did not happen over night. God had waited for him for twenty-five years and now it was Francis' turn to wait.

Biography of saint francis of assissi essay

Francis started to spend more time in prayer.St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis is considered a legendary hero and a popular saint. He was born in.

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, the middle of a time of great increases and expansions in the medieval West, in. Assisi, the place where this was strongest. His . Saint Francis of Assisi, born Francesco Bernardone, was an influential spiritual leader in Catholic history.

He preached absolute love and lived a life of poverty and faith. St. Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life devoted to Christianity.

He is the patron saint for ecologists. Learn more at The patron saint of missionaries and one of the founders of the Jesuit order, Saint Francis Xavier sought religious converts throughout Asia during the s.

Saint Francis Xavier was born on. Biography of Saint Francis of Assissi Essay - Biography of Saint Francis of Assissi 1. Birth Saint Francis was born Giovanni Bernadone in either or in the Italian hill town of Assisi. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Biography, a ┌ ───────────────────────── ┘ There is a nice summary essay on such as Father Richard Rohr.

Hence the focus is on Saint Francis's love of nature, his peace-making and poverty. Saint Francis's "spirituality" is transformed.

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